Multichain frictionless yield farming community project.

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Crosschain frictionless yield farming

Yield Protocol

Caps are high-yield frictionless farming tokens. There is a 2% tax on every transaction that is distributed to caps holders proportional to the amount of caps held.

Crosschain synergy effects

Caps tokens will be released on many different chains and this will create name and ecosystem synergy effects.

Hyperdeflationary Black Hole

50% of the supply has been sent to the Black Hole at launch . Because it is so massive, it will absorb a significant amount of the 2% tax distribution, resulting in exponential hyperdeflation!


Our tokens on BSC, Polygon and Ethereum





The team members of our development studio work all over the globe. We’re a decetralized team with a shared dream. We’re still expanding our team and are always looking for great new members and partners to join us. Get in touch with us to learn more about our vision.


Bottlecaps Project
Mataram Barat, Selaparang, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara 83126, Indonesia



The Bottlecaps project is a community driven frictionless yield platform on multiple chains.

We want to build a crosschain Defi ecosystem that is not based on one token, but on several tokens that will cross-fertilize each other.

Through name synergy effects and a shared community.

Each of our tokens has “caps” in the suffix, but has an individual prefix. For the prefix, we take cues from other popular name groups and try to incorporate them into the naming process. “Doge” or “Safe” are such examples of popular naming groups. Our goal is to achieve a high hit rate in the search function on listing services like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and thus a constantly growing user base.

This is the first gaming based defi project. Bottlecaps is the currency from the famous Bethesda game series Fallout. We believe that there is still a large untapped crypto community waiting in the gaming space.

First, through the naming synergies and natural growth, we hope for a continuous increase in the user base. However, this is a community project without marketing funds, so community engagement is required.

We want to create a large crosschain ecosystem with a large user base and receive passive income through frictionless yield.

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