Multichain NFT Artist and DeFi Launchpad. We bring the greatest NFTs of modern Art on every chain. Frictionless yield farming and NFT staking. We reinvent NFTs.

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Crosschain Platform for yield and NFTs

Yield Protocol

Caps are high-yield frictionless farming tokens. There is a 2% tax on every transaction that is distributed to caps holders proportional to the amount of caps held.


We introduce you to unique artists and you can stake a selection of their works. Enjoy and collect great NFTs by modern artists from all around the world.

Hyperdeflationary Black Hole

50% of the supply has been sent to the Black Hole at launch . Because it is so massive, it will absorb a significant amount of the 2% tax distribution, resulting in exponential hyperdeflation!


Stake Airdrop NFTs in our pools and exchange them against various real tokens from within our ecosystem.

DEFI Launchpad

On regular basis we'll launch low marketcap gems on various chains with established DeFi Tokenomics.

Crosschain synergy effects

Caps tokens will be released on many different chains and this will create name and ecosystem synergy effects.

NFT Staking

Stake exclusive, rare and unique NFTs in our NFT farm.

OUR Speculative TOKENS

These tokens only have frictionless yield, but are not used for NFT staking




Outstanding Art creators from all around the globe
Art Director

Eva Maisuradze

Eva is a very talented artist from Georgia. She creates unique and outstanding artworks.

Husam Bader

A Palestinian-Jordanian physician and artist, based in NYC. Interested in Hybrid-digital art with focus on vivid modern colors.

Manisha Miller

She makes colourful and imaginative portraits with a unique style.


Our Team of crypto and art lovers works decentralized and free of charge
Art Director

Eva Maisuradze

Eva is a very talented artist from Georgia. She creates unique and outstanding artworks.
Networker & Talent Scout

Uzair Ghori

A Pakistani origin critical care doc based in the central US. Admirer of contemporary digital art and avid crypto enthusiast.
Website and Community Manager

Marcel Langjahr

He has many years of experience in technical support and development.

Vault Dweller

Located in Indonesia, he's an experienced Full Stack Developer with many years of working expertise. He decided to stay anonymous.


The team members of our development studio work all over the globe. We’re a decetralized team with a shared dream. We’re still expanding our team and are always looking for great new artists and partners to join us. Get in touch with us to learn more about our vision.


Bottlecaps Project
Mataram Barat, Selaparang, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara 83126, Indonesia



what happens next?

We are always trying to attract new exciting artists to our platform and we will also be expanding our reach to even more chains. There are many areas we are working on to bring this project forward.

  • Get our tokens listed on coingecko, coinmarketcap and other listing platforms.
  • Find more artists to join our project.
  • Reach out to more communities outside of crypto to extend our userbase.


The Bottlecaps project is a community driven DeFi and NFT Artist launchpad platform with frictionless yield and NFT Staking on multiple chains.

We want to build a crosschain Defi and NFT ecosystem that is not based on one token, but on several tokens that will cross-fertilize each other.

Through name synergy effects, a shared community, shared marketing and crosschain reward systems via special NFTs.

Each of our tokens has “caps” in the suffix, but has an individual prefix. For the prefix, we take cues from other popular name groups and try to incorporate them into the naming process. “Doge” or “Safe” are such examples of popular naming groups. Our goal is to achieve a high hit rate in the search function on listing services like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko and thus a constantly growing user base.

On the one hand we want to help small artists to establish themselves in the NFT space. We will therefore enter into cooperations with artists and integrate their works into our NFT Staking.

Also, we want to introduce a whole new section in the NFT area, namely Service and Coupon NFTs. In these special NFTs you can exchange real world assets and services for NFTs. So we bring a real benefit to NFT staking that goes beyond pure speculation.

Furthermore we will establish Airdrop NFT Staking, where you can stake crosschain airdrops from other tokens. We are working on partnerships to offer airdrops from other projects as well.

Charity NFTs will be another way to put staked NFT points to good use. We are working on a cooperation to be able to buy tree certificates as NFTs and more.

Our NFT system will be very extensive and will cover many areas. It will be an important pillar of our whole ecosystem.

Yes, all our tokens have frictionless yield, high burn and auto-lock liquidity features (except Binacaps). By holding the tokens for a long time, not only will the price level keep increasing, but you will also receive more tokens.

This is the first gaming based defi project. Bottlecaps is the currency from the famous Bethesda game series Fallout. We believe that there is still a large untapped crypto community waiting in the gaming space. We want to win them to our ecosystem. We are working on cooperations in the gaming sector and would like to attract this community directly with special NFT ingame rewards.

First, through the naming synergies and natural growth, we hope for a continuous increase in the user base. In addition, we are constantly working on new partnerships and artists that we would like to integrate themselves into our project through our NFT system. Of course, we will also spread the word about our product on social media through the usual marketing methods.

We want to create a large crosschain ecosystem with a large user base, with great artists in our NFT staking program. We want as many people as possible to benefit from unique NFT rewards and receive passive income through frictionless yield.


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Our partner for our NFT mints and staking programs.
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